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Since 2010 we have been hand making quality and creative Italian style ice cream daily in our kitchen at 6 Pool Valley, Brighton using local milk & cream delivered straight from the local farm every morning.

All of our flavours are suitable for vegetarians and we always have an exciting selection of vegan and non gluten containing flavours for you to choose from.

Chat to our friendly staff to find out more in store!

About us

About Boho

Award winning gelato | Independent | Est. 2010

Boho Gelato is an independent producer of award winning artisan Italian style ice cream & sorbet in Brighton since 2010.

Gelatiere Seb Cole and his team use locally produced milk & cream and the best quality ingredients from around the world to create our ever changing line up from over 500 flavours.


Boho also specialise in next level vegan gelato and have been listed in the top ten ice creams in the UK! We now have two Brighton locations as well as shops in Worthing with all ice cream being made daily in house.

boho icecream.jpg
Boho gelato ice cream making

Flavours of brighton

Twice a year we collaborate with local food and drink businesses to create 24 unique signature flavours.

Boho gelato flavours of brighton
Seb cole Boho gelato ice cream making

"I chose Gelato because I couldn't believe that with the amazing milk we have here in Britain it was so hard to find an ice cream to rival those commonly available in Italy. Because our gelato recipe is pure and not too sweet it's like a blank canvas which allows us to be pretty much infinitely creative with our flavours." - Seb Cole (Founder, Boho Gelato)

Boho gelato Ice cream cones

Gelato ; n. def - The traditional Italian ice cream - our southern Italian style ice cream has a very low air content plus lower fat and lower sugar which results in smooth & luxurious, fresh tasting & intensely flavoured gelati (pl).

boho gelato ice cream making

Keep an eye out for our next home delivery date!


Ice cream cake

Made to order. 

Pick your three favourite flavours and leave the rest to us.

What would you have in yours?


Being an adaptable and inventive kitchen with over 10 years experience in the industry there's not much we can't or haven't already made! 


Boho Netflix.png

​Bespoke Black vegan vanilla for

Netflix's new Season of The Witcher launch.

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