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Our Flavours

We've been making our own gelato from local milk & cream since 2010 and love to create new flavours. 

Since opening we have made over 500 flavours!

From Clementine to Carrot Cake, Violet to Vanilla and Bourbon to Battenberg you will always find something delicious to try. 

Many of our flavours are made in both dairy & vegan options and change daily as well as seasonally.  

We source the best quality ingredients locally and from around the world, such as fresh milk & cream from Sussex, pistachio nuts from Bronte in Sicily and alphonso mango from India for our creations.

Check out our social media pages to stay up to date with what we are making or pop into one of our shops to see the delicious choices that are in the cabinet today!

Pool valley boho gelato
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Bespoke Wholesale Flavours

Being an adaptable and inventive kitchen with over 10 years experience there's not much we can't or haven't already made! 

We are able to innovatively create flavours to reflect ideas & brands for promotions & launches. 

Businesses we've worked with or supply include:

Netflix (The Witcher launch),

Permit Room (Dishoom), Pizza Pilgrims,

Ridgeview Sparkling Wine, 

Pizzaface, Botanica (South Lodge spa),

Indian Summer, Circa events, The Secret Restaurant

Irregular Choice, Bison Beer, 

Dr. Martens, Molton Brown,

Volks Electric Railway,

Brighton Gin, Cass Art

Visit Brighton, New Venture Theatre,

The Great Escape,

The Brighton Fringe and Harveys Brewery.

If you're a business looking for bespoke high quality gelato be it for a one off event or on going wholesale supply get in touch with us by emailing


Recent Ice Cream Bombe Glace made by us exclusively for a Bite Sussex event in the iconic Brighton Pavillion Banquet Hall.

boho gelato irregular choice_edited.jpg
boho gelato game of thrones GoT ice cream pizzaface

We love collaborating with local food & drink businesses to create unique and exciting signature flavours. We use produce, recipes and ideas from each different businesses to make the flavours in Pool Valley which are then available in the shop throughout the week.

Flavours of Brighton 2017

Pizzaface - Ricotta, Pine nuts & Lemon Thyme

Pike & Pine - Caramelised Soy Sauce & Pecans
Cin Cin - Choc Cherry Chupito
Brighton Gin - Gin & Tonic with Orange Peel
Terre A Terre - Pomegranate with Black Tahini, Sweet Dukkah & Salted Lemon Candy
The Salt Room x The Coal Shed - 

Charcoal & Maple Waffle
Audrey's Chocolates -

Violet & Rose Creams with Crystallised Flower Petals
The Black Dove - Cate Tre Bon! Cocktail
Bincho Yakitori x FareShare Sussex -

Miso Butter & Roasted Sweet Potato
Brighton Bier - Imperial Freshman IPA & Mango
La Cave à Fromage - Bosworth Leaf & Fig
64 Degrees - Whiskey Mac
The Flour Pot Bakery -

Salted Caramel & Honeycomb Doughtnuts
Moshimo x OMG Matcha -

Matcha Green Tea & Mochi 
Miss Muffin Top - Vegan Choc Raspberry Brownies
Curry Leaf Cafe - Beetroot & Cardamom Halwa
La Choza - Hibiscus & Tequila
Senor Buddha - Hierbas The Senor Buddha Way 
Latinoamerica Argentine Grill - Banana al Rum
Beelzebab - Wray & Ting
Small Batch Coffee - Cold Brew Coffee Sorbet
Giggling Squid - Black Sesame

Flavours of Brighton Boho Gelato
boho gelato flavours of the world cabinet
boho gelato argentina churros and dulce de leche
boho gelato pistachio and baklava turkey

Flavours of the World 2011

Germany - Berry Strudel

Canada - Blueberry Pancakes & Smoked Bacon

Brighton - Peanut Butter Sea Salt Caramel (Crack)

England - Treacle Tart

Ireland - Guinness

Wales - Liquorice Toffee 

Scotland - Cranachan

Italy - Hazelnut & Raspberry Meringue

Turkey - Pistachio & Baklava

Belgium - Chocolate Seashells

Argentina - Dulce de Leche & Churros

Thailand - Pandan & Coconut Rice Pudding

USA - Golden Oreo

Austria - Sachertorte

India - Cardamom & White Choc

Jamaica - Rum Banana & Citrus

China - Red Lotus

France - Lavender Creme Brulee

Japan - Plum Wine

North Africa - Mango Chilli

Mexico - Avocado Chocolate Cinamon

Ibiza - Hierbas

Spain - Sangria

Finland - Salmiakki

Charity Flavours

We frequently work with charities & organisations by running competitions and creating special fundraising flavours.

If you would like to get in touch email us at

boho gelato ice cream competition
boho gelato charity ice crem competition
boho gelato rocking horse charity
boho gelato young city reads
boho gelato burning the clocks charity

Pride Cabinet

It's become an annual Boho tradition to create a rainbow cabinet to celebrate the Pride weekend using our brightest and fruitiest flavours! 

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