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We're not perfect

but we're making changes for our future.

Being based in Brighton and next to the sea side, we are highly alert & aware of the consequences of littering and the amount of rubbish a food business can create. Over the years we have been actively making changes where we can to minimise our impact on the planet and on a constant look out for viable alternatives. 

All of our cups and spoons are now compostable and contain zero plastic. We've made the switch to minimise disposable plastic for wholesale customers like our tubs available from Pizzaface. 

Small changes in habit can make a huge cumulative difference when we do it together. 

Things you as a customer can do to help-

Re use take home tubs - and we'll give you a discount!

Trust us, you know everything we make is delicious so why not jump right in with a scoop instead of having a taster? That alone would save several thousands of spoons from going in the bin.

Re use your spoon or bring your own if you're going for a cup!

(For hygiene reasons we cannot reuse spoons for multiple tasters.)


Paper straws

We've switched to paper straws and compostable cups!




Cup or cone?

Why not a cone so theres nothing to throw away

Made the switch to biodegradable  spoons*

* We're still always on the look out for better alternatives

We know we've got lots of new & exciting flavours and you'll want to try them all but limiting to one spoon (two flavours, one on each end!) would save well over 100,000 spoons a year from going in the bins.

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